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Carefree and / or Maturity?

Carefree and / or Maturity?
At Mamie Stella, we have already advocated it, for us "the essential is assessed with regard to each subjectivity" . As such, we refuse to have to choose between carelessness or maturity .
The bridge that is often established between childhood and adulthood.
Major currents of thought call us on the side of maturity when we talk about subjects related to childhood: emotional, psychic or physical maturity, everything goes there (Acquisition of movement, sphincter maturity , sleep rhythms, emotional management ...) as finally concerns around maturity were generally part of due and expected development.

Passed the age of accompaniment to the acquisition of maturity, we become great.

Now responsible, able to reason and explain shortcomings.

The time has come for the true self, for us, for exchanges with others, constructed and most of the time decided.

At this time, often comes the time for nostalgia, the need for recklessness, the irrepressible desire to release oneself from one's responsibilities, as soon as possible, and when one manages to identify it.

Recklessness is often characterized by a lack of maturity, a lack of control a kind of regression.

For the luckiest and the lucky among us , recklessness is voluntary, controlled, redemptive, chosen and embodied.

At Mamie Stella, even if we understand that most of these observations are subjective and that we ultimately have no real control over anything, we all want to invite you to the crossroads between carefree and maturity.

Our products are designed for that, to accompany your paths, your stages, your greatest joys and your greatest projects. < br>
Because age should never be a component of individual well-being and that fulfillment, against all odds, is essential for us, we have designed products that are made for you.

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