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Build a cabin

Build a cabin
Since we have been developing and working on our concept of nomadic blanket hut la Guitoune at Mamie Stella, we have always had nice positive reactions:

Brilliant idea for children's games.
Support children's development and creativity.
Strengthen autonomy.
Develop initial design and layout reflexes.
Explore the notions of intimacy and social cooperation in co-construction etc.

Our biggest challenge, however, lies in the simple idea that
our cabins have no limits of use in time or space .

Because nothing should not stop carelessness, taking care of oneself, the need for privacy and access to stimulating and containing places.

Becoming an adult does not mean, for us, abandon your carelessness or build barriers in the face of what made us feel so much joy and freedom when we were children.

Because our cabins have no age limits .

Because they are nomadic and take little space when folded. Because they get everywhere .
Because lots of other things that we can't wait to show you.
Construire une cabane de couvertures avec la Guitoune Mamie Stella

Products: @mamie_stella_officiel | Photographer: @chloelapeyssonnie | Styling and location: @studioquotidien

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