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Rules of use & safety .

Our product called "La Guitoune" made of canvas and if decided by our customers, a modular wooden support called "portico", is not considered to be a toy within the meaning of decree n ° 2010-166 of 22 February relating to the safety of toys, and this, by decision of SQUALPI / SCIDE, body responsible for toy safety directives.

However, it is up to our customers to be aware of the use and safety rules to be observed:

The use of the product called “La Guitoune” as well as all its components, ballast weight, gantry, garland, etc.) is not a product intended for use as a toy (cf. within the meaning of decree n ° 2010-166 of February 22) and must be supervised and verified by an adult.

The products must not be used on an object (various pieces of furniture, interior or exterior structures, etc.) which is not totally stable, anchored to the floor, to the wall and correctly mounted or which would simply constitute an attack on the health and safety of persons.

Use not recommended under 36 months.
The assembly, the installation of the wooden portico of the product called "La Guitoune" is exclusively for adults.

The SABES company declines all responsibility in the event of non-compliance with the above rules of use and safety.