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With my husband and my children, like everyone else, we were able to experiment with the creation of homemade blanket huts: in the living room, under the table, in a child's bedroom, at the foot of a bed , with a blanket, a plaid, a tablecloth… And with the observation that it is always difficult to make this building stand up to play underneath it and in general to have access to this recreational activity simply.


We then thought of a veil of fabric in a light material and consistent with our values ​​and it is quite naturally that we opted for organic cotton certified OEKO TEX and not dyed. This sail, we will quickly call it La Guitoune, which means home, shelter in many dialects and in reference to our family origins. It could be tied to anything you want and put anywhere: a chair, a tree, a doorknob, a table ... So as not to be forced to use ropes, books, clothes pegs ... to hold this building up, as traditionally when building a hut with blankets, we have thought of and developed small weights to be filled in. They allow our Guitoune to hold in place thanks to the ballast effect and to position it as desired. Finally, a transport strap, also in undyed cotton, allows the Guitoune, once folded, to be taken everywhere: from one house to another, from a holiday home to a guest house. , from undergrowth to a beach ... without limit!

All the resources are within you.

Make our cabin your home away from home.

Since we are parents, we have become more and more aware of the need to transmit strong values ​​of sharing, commitment and respect in a global way to our children. To take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. It is therefore quite natural that we turned to French suppliers and partners, with whom we can discuss, build relationships of trust and proximity in order to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. We have our products made in professional integration workshops near Avignon and we are happy that Christiane, Justyna, Kadiatou, Laura, Marie, Myriam, Sindy, Ramona and Raphael make Mamie Stella products with love and talent.
The cabin is also the allegory of the house we build. The reassuring core. It is the scene of moments in life: from a romantic evening to a family breakfast, including a nap for the children. With multiple possibilities and a timeless white color, the cabin adapts to any tasteful interior.
The so-called alternative pedagogies such as Montessori and Steiner Waldorf pedagogy put the individual at the center of concerns and it is in this sense that our nomadic fabric hut makes it possible to develop the cognitive and creative capacities of children (and parents) as well as their motor skills, their psychomotricity, to begin to conceptualize, to develop the notions of intimacy and of construction of the identity while allowing to be a reassuring space necessary for example for the management of the emotions.
We designed the Guitoune to be completed with accessories in order to stay in the time and become a real family heirloom that we pass on and endure. It is therefore natural that the idea of ​​a French PEFC wooden gantry crane, which will be available in early 2022 and allowing the Guitoune to be completely autonomous and scalable, sealed our approach.
Tipi, tent, adjustable ephemeral support, for the greatest epics, the portico of the Guitoune also allows you to be totally nomadic thanks to its quick and ingenious assembly.
Finally to chill, love each other and experience even more fun moments, we have developed a range of complementary accessories that open up and nourish our development desires for the Mamie Stella brand that we want to send to families or to oneself.
Like our Guitoune, our products bind together and can be used alone or with others. In fact, our BIG CUSHIONS will accompany you in your most cozy moments, our Frous-Frous garlands brighten up your Guitoune or your interiors for a festive air or a more dreamlike air.


Grandma Stella, this is my story, but it's also the story of my family.
From my grandparents, from my grandmother Stella. From my husband. Of my three children. From my loving family, and from my friends. Personalities and universes that inspire me. And my desire to make my dreams come true, without limit.

Grandma, feminine root of the family.
Stella, homage to my grandmother and what she built.
Ma Mie, my love in old French.
Ma Mie Ste lla, my love is here.
My friend, my friend.
My friend ste lla, my friend is here.

& finally,

My Mie Stella, my love Stella, in homage to my grandfather, Jean-Pierre who taught me everything, who always loved my grandmother madly , Stella and who was one of those human, empathetic, committed, hardworking and deeply human beings who deserve to be known.

It is all of this that Granny Stella was born. You too can embark on our adventure and live for the family that looks like you.

You are enough. You are enough


Je suis Estelle, créatrice de Mamie Stella. Touche-à-tout et autodidacte, j’ai de multiples compétences et centres d’intérêts. Suivre mon intuition, faire ce qu’on aime sans rentrer dans une case : voici ce qui m’anime. Forte et sensible, mon histoire personnelle et familiale m’a amené à me réinventer et à prendre des chemins de traverse.

Maman de trois enfants, je suis très attachée à la cellule familiale, à la famille et à l’amour qui s’en dégage. Pour moi, la famille n’a aucune règle prédéfinie, elle se construit autour de ce qui nous semble essentiel.

Après avoir travaillé au sein de différents espaces professionnels et n’avoir jamais perdu de vue mes rêves d’enfant, c’est tout naturellement que je me tourne vers l'entrepreneuriat pour développer l’univers de la marque à l’image de la famille : Mamie Stella.

Entourée et aidée par l’expertise de mon mari, Saber, diplômé en sciences de l’éducation, papa poule et touche-à-tout, c’est ensemble et avec la complicité de nos trois enfants que nous avons imaginé ce projet créatif, poétique et pour nous plein de sens.


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