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The natural materials selected at Mamie Stella.

The natural materials selected at Mamie Stella.
Because efficient material sourcing is not an easy task, it seems obvious to us at Mamie Stella to be consistent and transparent with our future customers.

Choose a material means considering both its production, its availability, its impact, but also (and we find that we often forget this when it comes to talking about virtuous commitments) its end use.
In the case of la Guitoune , our constraints were technical and we had to choose a suitable material to meet them. We have tested natural materials such as linen, hemp and cotton, but also materials made from recycled fibers. We washed, manhandled, hung, unhooked and tested our Guitoune veil on several supports so that it meets requirements for safety and use and it is finally on a cotton labeled BIO & OEKO TEX very light, that our choice has stopped.

Our materials in a more general way come from responsible productions (PEFC) and framed by recognized labels (BIO, OEKO TEX & GOTS).

We do the choice not to use dyes in order to limit our environmental impact and to leave the possibility for everyone to assess, on their own scale, their needs for use while playing on an aesthetic aspect which also brings us back towards naturalness thanks to the ecru variations of cotton.
Our products are created and designed to adapt to your tasteful interiors while allowing them to be useful and functional.

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